Orphans Aid Imuka Family Strengthening Project

Orphans Aid Imuka Family Strengthening Project was launched in 2014 as a response to the great number of children in Uganda being placed in residential care, or abandoned due to families facing extreme harship.

Imuka goes above and beyond for these families - not only providing them with emergency assistance and a children's early learning program, but by focusing on training and providing parents with entrepreneurial skills and assistance to start small business or gain long term employment, they are better equipped to keep their families together. Approximately 50 families are enrolled at any given time.

In 2017, they saw 28 out of 36 families who completed training start small businesses!


We are excited to be teamed up with this amazing organisation which is making such a difference in the community of Uganda. 10% of our profit will be given to the project to help provide bedding for families in need.